Lisa Broedlin Wiesenobst


Orchards are one of the
oldest traditions of the
Saarland. Nevertheless
they fall into obscurity year
in and year out and even
the trees and bushes do
so. Not only the varieties
of the fruits aren´t noticed
anymore but also the
traditional recipes, which
are made of the locally
grown fruits. In this project
I will point out the
forgotten recipes and fruits
like medlar, juneberries and
elderberries reviving these
old traditions. This can be
achieved by producing
homemade jam and syrups
and selling them on a self-
made push cart. The push
cart consists of two pieces:
on the one hand there is a
substructure made of
spruce, on the other hand
there is a storage box
made of birch and contains
a sales and presentation
area. The design language
is inspired by traditional
fruit boxes, resulting in
triangle elements as
bracings in the design. The
storage boxes located in
the substructure, are
identical in depth and
width, but they
differentiate in heights due
to the different products,
which are stored in the
boxes. Sold are jams and
syrups made of hawkbit,
rosehip, elderberries,
juneberries as well as
traditional honey made of
apples and pears. The
products are bottled in
square shaped glasses with
their respective fruits on
the label.

© Lisa Broedlin, 2015